Airflo Airlite V2 Single Hand Fly Fishing Rods w/ FREE 40+ Flyline



The original Airlite rods were nothing short of sublime. The perfect blend of modern lightweight graphite and components made for a breathtakingly smooth yet powerful action, leaving the fly fisher feeling in total control of every glorious cast!

Testament to this is that 9 years later we are still using the original rod which has stood the test of time. Bringing back the Airlite is like welcoming back an old member of the family. The all new V2 is just better, why we hear you ask? Well we are still using the same unique blend of graphite and exacting tapers, coupled with lightweight double leg snakes and a stunning lock down reel seat.

The blank itself is now a more versatile 4 piece model, its slimmer & feels lighter in the hand and by tweaking the action further is even more responsive than the original.

The 10′ rods have been designed specifically for the Stillwater angler. The 7# is the classic all-rounder, capable of fishing everything from Floater to Di8 and everything in between.

The 6# is a true top of the water performer, with a smooth action and lighter tip for finer tippets, whilst the 8# is the beast of the range and aimed at the competition angler who likes to pull!!

Also in the range, the 9’ 5# doubles as a very smooth rod for rivers and a nice light rod for flat calms and single dries on the lake.

The 9’ 8# is the perfect rod for the salt and makes an excellent weapon for the flats. Single leg snakes reduce overall weight and make the tip of the rod even more responsive, whilst the silky black reel seat provides a sure footed lock on your favourite reels.

Awarded Trout Fisherman Magazine ‘Tackle Testers Choice’ – July/August 2017

Length AFTM Handle Weight Code
9′ #5 H/WELLS 3.14oz F-AIRLITE-V2-905
9’6″ #7 F/WELLS 3.80oz F-AIRLITE-V2-967
10′ #6 F/WELLS 3.95oz F-AIRLITE-V2-106
10′ #7 F/WELLS 4.09oz F-AIRLITE-V2-107
10′ #8 F/WELLS 4.23oz F-AIRLITE-V2-108

*These rods come with a Lifetime warranty, returns surcharge may apply. Please call advisor for details.

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