Airflo Streamtec V2 Fly Rods


Redesigned for 2019, the popular Airflo Streamtec rods have been further refined with a lighter more responsive action to give you even more control over your fine presentation fly fishing.

Designed specifically for running water, the Airflo Streamtec V2 range of rods has a smooth progressive action that works extremely well at short to mid range and acts as a great cushion for light tippets on big fish.

Some lengths have been tweaked and all rods now feature an accurate single line designation, together with a subtle matt finish to help avoid rod flash when sneaking up on your next target. Although originally designed as a Euro Nymph rod, the 10’ models not only perform better than well in running water, they also make fantastic light top of the water rods for traditional loch style drifting.

High quality fittings throughout and a stunning orange Cordura tube ensures you won’t mislay the rod on the bank of your favourite water.

Each rod comes with a high quality Cordura protective tube.

Length AFTM Handle FBUTT Action Weight Sect Code
7’6″ #3 H/WELLS No MID-TIP 3.39OZ 4 F-STV2-763
8′ #4 H/WELLS No MID-TIP 3.56OZ 4 F-STV2-804
8’8″ #3 H/WELLS No MID-TIP 3.63OZ 4 F-STV2-883
9′ #4 H/WELLS No MID-TIP 3.85OZ 4 F-STV2-904
9′ #5 H/WELLS No MID-TIP 3.92OZ 4 F-STV2-905
10′ #3 H/WELLS No MID-TIP 4.15OZ 4 F-STV2-103
10′ #4 H/WELLS No MID-TIP 4.23OZ 4 F-STV2-104
10′ #5 H/WELLS No MID-TIP 4.27OZ 4 F-STV2-105
11′ #3 H/WELLS No MID-TIP 4.42OZ 4 F-STV2-113

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