List of work to be completed:


Categories (add all the categories first as you need to check each product to a category)

  • Add all Categories – Click Products – Categories (name and slug always lowercase) and upload feature image picture (right hand side of page)
  • Images/Photos – get images from websites from Noel or Google Images

Single Product (single product no sizes or other attributes)

  • Add Products one at a time (ensure you enter a price / sale price for each product)
  • Add feature image(located lower down on right hand side of page)
  • Check Manage Stock box and enter quantity in stock
  • In the Inventory section check the box (x) for Enable Stock Management and enter number in stock
  • Ensure you entered a price/sale price/text/manage stock quantity/tag/category and a featured image

Variable Product (variable product with a few options such as Size/Line Weight or other attribute – )


  • Read all texts on all pages such as Delivery/Terms and Conditions/etc
  • Check all WooCommerce settings with Noel -Payment methods/Orders/Status/Report/Coupons/etc
  • Coupon FISH2018 which gives 10% if entered in shopping cart?????


Video Tutorials


If website not working enter products in Microsoft Excel as shown

  • Type up all products in Excel (field names: )   Picture files: